Who We Are

Marlon Nicolls

With over 30 years in the Graphics, Communication Arts, Advertising and Printing arena, Mr. Nicolls brings his wealth of experience and expertise to assist you in realizing your maximum potential. He has successfully assisted Governments, Corporations, Medium and Small businesses, Mega churches and tele-evangelists, give birth to their dreams.

His philosophy that preparation and opportunity brings success, is well demonstrated by the comments and feedback from his many clients.

One of his clients stated that, “Marlon is a prolific Image Designer. His high work ethic allows for the efficient completion of jobs that are cutting edge.”

Another expresses, “Marlon is a true “creator” inspired by his passion for excellence. He treats his clients with absolute individualism which allows for best-fit designs and campaigns.”

Even though his journey through life has brought him before great men and women and well-known personalities in the corporate and gospel circles, he has maintained a spirit of humility. For those who really know Mr. Nicolls, you would be familiar with his favorite greeting, “How may I help?”

The combination of excellence and satisfaction to his clients has become the trade mark of Marlon R. Nicolls.