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With over 30 years in the Graphic, Communication Arts, Advertising and Printing arena; Mr. Marlon R. Nicolls brings his wealth of experience and expertise to assist you in realizing your maximum potential in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

“You truly understand the art and science of your field Marlon.”
Dr. Myles Munroe

Nicolls Group

What Others Are Saying

Marlon is a prolific Image Designer. His high work ethic allows for the efficient completion of jobs that are cutting edge. Marlon is a true “creator” inspired by his passion for excellence. His clients are treated with the absolute individualism which allows for best-fit designs and campaigns.

Marlon was an amazing individual to work along with. His ideas were awesome and masterfully delivered. He is quite talented. Collaborating with him on that project was a refreshing change from the unprofessional consultants that one sometimes encounters. I would recommend Marlon for any project. If he says he can do it, he gets it done!

An effective designer who has a very clear picture of the objective of the exercise. He very competently transforms an idea or thought into a tangible product that looks good, is functional, cost effective and very professional. His manner is professional, yet caring. His concern is that you achieve your goal.

Mr. Nicolls provides exceptional service to his customers. He is highly innovative and extremely passionate about his work. His ability to take what may seem to be a simple concept and creatively expand it into your actual vision is commendable. We at Eden, benefited from his expert knowledge and seeing a well finish product. I highly recommend Mr. Nicolls’ services. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Marlon has been consistently professional and knowledgeable in his field. He has produced quality results for me more than once and I would use his services again.

Marlon is a one of a kind expert in his field. He is great very creative and does a excellent job.He has great influence in his field and is know for his Superlative work.